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Commercial & Corporate Law


SPILIOS SPILIOPOULOS AND PARTNERS” law office provides a wide range of legal services in the fields of commercial and corporate law. Our legal services spread from any subordinate legal matter of firm’s function or governance to even the most complicated issues of commercial and corporate transactions within Greece or abroad and guarantees prompt and timely response to all needs of a company. An indicative part of subject matter covered by our office includes:

  • Company establishment (one stop shop Companies, Private Companies, PLC, LTD etc).

  • Off Shore company establishment.

  • Foreign company foundation– branch settlement

  • Company bankruptcy or remedation, penal process concerning company bankruptcy and purge.

  • Absorption, merger, restructuring and split company procedures.

  • Takeovers και disinvestment of companies, firms and business assets.

  • Stockbroking issues.

  • Due Diligence work.

  • Company dissolution, closeout and compulsory liquidation.

  • Bond loans, bank negotiations, legal support, assignment contracts, preference and conversion rights.

  • Securitization issues.

  • Competition issues.

  • Representation and distribution contracts.

  • Commercial - collaboration - share contracts.

  • Franchise contracts and networks.

  • Consumer rights and producer responsibilities for faulty products.

  • Legal responsibilities and security issues concerning producers and distributors.

  • Company subvention worldwide.

  • Pledge contracts under the Law 2844/2000