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Insurance law - Car Accidents etc.

SPILIOS SPILIOPOULOS AND PARTNERS law office has gained extensive experience and direct involvement in insurance law cases and deals with a broad variety of liability claims, including product and public liability as well as disputes arising from all risks, property/business interruption and construction policies. The firm delivers legal advise on car accidents and other kind of accidents (fatal accidents, material damages, injury, accidents at work, etc) and recovering of insurance claims. The firm acts both for insurance companies / insurance brokers and  insured parties and provides sophisticated solutions to complex insurance issues, including liability arising out of construction site accidents, directors' and officers' liability, product liability. Our lawyers review and assist clients in interpreting insurance contracts and in assessing whether certain claims are covered by these policies.

The firm provides its clients with a range of services in many areas of the insurance law-specific issues, involving:

  • Insurance brokerage
  • Advice on insurance coverage arising from various activities and insurance warranties in commercial contracts etc.
  • Disputes arising out of insurance contracts
  • Claims arising out of fatal incidents (car accidents, accidents at work, casualty).
  • Drafting of documented experts reports in close liason with domestic and as well as specialized expertise houses located abroad (TUV, DEKRA etc), technical advisors (doctors, plastic surgeons, engineers etc).
  • Claims arising out of fire, earthquake etc insurance policy, vehicle liability etc.
  • Preparation, guidance and handling of the criminal issues of insurance cases before the penal courts

The firm bears a rich experience and expertise on car accidents’ disputes and claims (damages, fatal incidents etc):  

  • Claims arising out of fatal car accidents .
  • Claims arising out of injury and material damages.
  • Reimbursement claims and asset claims for all kind of damages arising from car accidents, including:
  • Material damages,
  • Reducing of commercial value,
  • Vehicle leasing,
  • Ruining/loss of personal property,
  • Vehicle transport and storage,
  • Hospitalization expenses
  • Nurse’s and domestic assistant’s expenses
  • Expenses for future hospitalization
  • Improved nourishment
  • Income loss
  • Moral damage
  • Disability damage
  • Compensation for mental anguish of relatives and close family members (parents, brothers and sisters, grandfathers, husbands/wives, children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren,  adoptees, unborn children etc)